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Naramata Cider

Dry Pear Cider

Dry Pear Cider
Naramata Pears ... It's all about the pear

This tantalizingly dry cider was produced with only the finest locally grown pears. Just pears. The hard work is done. Shrug off your pack, kick back and Rest Easy.

Tasting Notes:
Fresh pears, tasty pears, not overtly pear refreshing and delicious. It’s cider … don’t overthink it

Tidbits ...

Should you discover small hard crystal like formations at the bottom of your dry pear cider bottles - rest easy! The crystals are tartaric acid crystals that sometimes form in ciders that have been crafted through a low intervention cider making approach, when the cider has been exposed to cold temperatures. Tartrates (also referred to as wine diamonds), are tiny crystalline deposits that occur when potassium and tartaric acid, both naturally occurring products of fruit, bind together to form a crystal. Tartrates are scientifically known as potassium bitartrate which is the same thing as cream of tartar used in cooking. They are completely harmless and natural.

This article (referring to grape wine but exact same chemistry of fermenting the sugars in your pears to craft perry) does a good job of explaining it.

So – in a nutshell – rest easy! The crystals are totally natural, no risk to health if swallowed and are emblematic of our commitment to let the fruit do the talking … we try to limit the cold stabilization to preserve the delicate flavors and aromatics of the fruit. Get those other bottles chilled up and you’re ready to rock.

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