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Naramata Cider

CMS - Gin Botanicals

CMS - Gin Botanicals
Local Apples co-fermented with Legend Distilling's Gin Botanicals

Fresh, bright, refreshing,
apple flavors at the front lifted
by subtle lemon grass notes;
prolonged, evolving finish with
restrained influence of naramata sage + smoked rosemary.

Complex goodness, cider-style.

The Cider Maker’s Select series is inspired by Naramata’s resident peacock – Zoolander. Released seasonally, in limited quantity this series allows our cider maker to shake his tail feathers and experiment with unconventional approaches to a traditional craft cider offering. Collaboration with other producers, experimentation, and blending are the hallmarks of this series. The peacocks feathers denote the season of origin (see the back label if you’re stumped).

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