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Naramata Cider

CMS - L❤vander

CMS - L❤vander
Pink Lady apples + local Lavender

This co-ferment of apple and lavender has us all feeling a little spring feverish. Light, lovely and with lavender as a fleeting touch … just the right amount of culinary je ne sais quoi to make even the burliest cider aficionado swoon.

Seeking something a little stronger, visit Vancouver's Crowbar and check-in to one of their epic Negroni cocktails ... the Negroni Sbagliato, or “mistake” in Italian, named for accidentally poured Prosecco in place of gin. Here, the happy accidents compound, with bubbles supplied by lavender-tinged Naramata Cider Co Lovander. Serve garnished with a lavender-speared dehydrated orange slice, it’s a frizzante, refreshing tipple that won’t topple the night. And if you feel like re-creating the cocktail yourself, check out the Montecristo article for more info.

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