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Naramata Cider

The Rest Easy Guide to Naramata

Prime Peacock Viewing: Children’s House corner 3rd and Gwendoline Street

Naramata Farmers Market: every Wednesday 3:30-6:30, June 11 – September 3. Music, snacks, fresh produce, breads, art, cherry pit spitting contests, zucchini boat races. A true country market.

Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR): In the hills above Naramata, you can go a walkin’, bikin’ or cookin’. Head up Smethurst Rd to the parking lot and go north... for wicked good views, fresh air and wildlife viewing. If you’re feeling energetic pack your flour and water and hike a bit higher to try your hand at making bread in the rock ovens, as the railroad building cooks did at the turn of the century.

Creek Park: For waterfall swimming. Walk past the ‘eastern park boundary’ sign and follow the path to cross Naramata Creek, so you are now on the southern bank of the creek. Keep walking till you hit the pools. Once you hit the pools jump in for your very own blue lagoon experience (Brook Shields not included.)

Wine Tours: Geeze, where do we start? Naramata is home to possibly the highest per capita concentration of artisanal, locally crafted, damn tasty wines. Of these, we have to give a shout out to our sister label, Elephant Island. Elephant Island rocks the boat with their fruit wines and more recently with their Sideshow label, which showcases some of the best vinifera wines of the Okanagan. All this is wrapped-up in a one-of-a-kind courtyard tasting experience. For a complete listing of Naramata wineries check out www.naramatabench.com

Getting peckish? Naramata is home to more than peacock food. Depending on the season, dial yourself into farm fresh produce at Forest Green Man Farm or from various farmers at the Wednesday Farmers Market. Start with coffee, convo and breakie or lunch on the run at Cafe Nevermatters. For home grown good eats, Elisa at The Grape Leaf will fill your tummy with ‘all day sustaining’ breakfasts, and heroic lunches. Pub wings on Wednesday and Rocky and Lavonne’s Real Things Pizza anytime (yes – they do deliver to the beach) more than cover the bases to keep you fuelled.

The Lake. If you’re in need of a cool-down, head to Wharf Park to launch yourself off the old train dock for immediate immersion. For a gentler approach, Naramata’s living room – Manitou Park – is the all day hang-out, picnic, play and swim park. Bring your own hammock.

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