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Naramata Cider

About The Cider Co

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If you’ve never been to Naramata, well, there’s a simple magic to this place.

It’s found in the resident peacock who’s in love with the village recycling truck, the amazing community choir, the outstanding number of volunteer organizations per capita. It’s walking to Brian’s store to get ice cream at twilight … PJ’s totally acceptable. It’s the smell of the sage riding your bike down Old Main Road for the five o’clock dip. And it’s lying in your hammock with the evening breeze washing over you, cider in hand of course.  

Our ciders are made of this place and celebrate this place.


The Cider Co team is of this place as well:

Miranda and Del Halladay...

founded Elephant Island Winery in 1999. They’ve since had four kids and added a couple of farms to their list of to-dos. He hunts, she gathers and together they love to eat and drink with friends and family in Naramata. Sixteen years of fooling with fermentation and fraternizing with farmers motivates our cider-making ways.


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miranda halladay
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miranda halladay
May 2, 2017 | miranda halladay

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