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Naramata Cider

The Back Story

What about those back labels? These are our village ‘ink’… the icons that are emblematic of the
hard workin’, restin’ easy, “only in Naramata” kind of life.


The House

The founding farmers of Naramata put our little village on the map with their Fruit Packing House. By banding together to create a co-op, the House was the heart of Naramata for many years. Farmers still ship to the House, it’s just not in Naramata anymore. The House is piece of our heritage that reminds us why we are here, inspires us to work hard and rest easy, farmer-style.

The Pickers

We couldn’t do it with out all the Quebecois kids (& a few Anglos too) who make their way by thumb, bus, bike & van for a season of picking fruit. Camping out in orchards, bunking up in picker ‘shacks’, it’s a full summer of early Naramata mornings, ladders, buckets, bags & bins, hard work and hitting the beach by two.


The Park

Manitou Park … our summer living room. When the mercury tops 28° and the late afternoon sun hits the windows, the village moves outdoors and Manitou is the place to rest easy. It’s a baseball playing, swimming lesson taking, Maypole dancing, wine tasting, skinny dipping, bongo drumming, picnicking kinda everything place that a community park should be.

The Peacock

We have a peacock that calls Naramata Village home. Sometimes there’s been more than one. Love it or hate it, the peacock adds it’s own je ne sais quoi to our landscape. We love it… especially when it’s chasing the blue recycling truck down Robinson. Another reason to slow down and appreciate the joy.


The Snail

The snail (found on every label) is emblematic of Cittaslow: a network of communities around the world that value slow living. Naramata is pretty stoked to be one of only two towns in Canada to have Cittaslow accreditation.

Being a Cittaslow community means we care about our town, the people who live in it and everyone who visits it. We work together to preserve the unique spirit of this place.

Curious? You can drink the kool-aid at cittaslow.org

We love Naramata!

Our ciders are made with love in Naramata, in the heart of the Okanagan valley. We are proud to live, work and play in this magical place!


Illustrations and labels by Todd Stewart

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