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Naramata Cider


Naramata: A place of slow-living, hard-working and community. 
Founded by dreamers, grown by farmers and bound by pride – a confluence of characteristics that inspires each cider we craft.

Our ciders are made from 100% local fruit and nothing else. 

Naramata Cider Company crafts ciders that are testament to the elements that make them sing: 
the fruit, the people who grow it, and the place that makes it all happen. 


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Limited Production.
As all current events are, this 'currant' event is fleeting. Cider Maker Del has taken our proprietary blend of Okanagan apples and dollied them up … with just the right amount of BC grown black currant berries in all their tarty glory. Stay current, drink now!

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Limited Production.
Apple cider kissed with a healthy dose of neighbor and
farmer extraordinaire, 'Super Dave' Pedersen’s peaches.

Fresh-picked, Naramata-ripened, chin-dripping peachy goodness.

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Limited Production.
Apple cider falls in ❤, romanced by the rows of beautifully scented lavender that line our orchard edge.

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Limited Production.
Apple cider gets its dance on, partnered with locally sourced ginger.

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Limited Production.
Apple cider co-fermented with locally foraged botanicals
used in crafting our neighbor, Legend Distilling’s, Dark Moon Gin.


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Crafted from 100% local pears. Just pears.

Fresh pears, tasty pears, not overtly pear, refreshing, delicious.
It’s cider… don’t overthink it.

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/ 750 ml Bottle
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Made from the finest locally grown pears. Just pears.

Fresh pears, tasty pears, not overtly pear refreshing and delicious.
It’s cider … don’t overthink it


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/ case of 24 x 355 ml bottles
SKU: 24 stubbies-dry pear cider

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